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On Monday morning, I was checking Facebook briefly while getting ready for work. I came across some, well, disturbing posts from a good friend of mine, Mikael Rudolph. Heartbreakingly, it turns out that he has Therapy Related Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

OVERTURE CENTER FOR THE ARTS Rotunda Stage - Madison, WI.  2009 In January 2008, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, but beat it. Then his sister passed away late last year. Now this. When they’re able to get it into remission, he’ll be up for a bone marrow transplant. He checked into the hospital this afternoon for a three- to four-week stay.

I know most, if not all of you, have had your lives touched by cancer… be it yourself, friends or family. While there will certainly be a benefit coming up for him, if you want to help out, his favorite charity is RESCU (Renaissance Entertainers, Services, and Crafters United). You can donate either in his name or to the foundation itself to help others in similar situations (donation page is here).

Additionally, if you haven’t already, sign up as a potential marrow donor on the Be The Match Registry. Thousands of people with leukemia and other diseases are in need of matches, and you could help. If you happen to be a match for someone, it doesn’t cost you a thing to donate.

If you want to get in touch with Mikael and are on Facebook, here’s his page.

He’s one of the most determined people I know and is surrounded by loving friends so I know he’s not going to take this lying down. If ya have some good vibes or prayers to send, I’m sure he’d appreciate them.

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