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5 Rings Fitness

5 Rings FitnessMany of you have likely heard me go on about the sessions I started with 5 Rings Fitness back in JulyMy 90 days will be up in early October, and the results have been pretty fantastic so far. My range of motion, strength and stamina have all gone improved significantly and continue to do so. One of the most wonderful things about everything James has been showing me, is that it’s super easy to do at home and keep up with. All I need is a kettlebell and the knowledge he’s given me, and I’ll continue to improve.

KettlebellWhile my diet has been tweaked a bit, it hasn’t required me to make any significant changes. He’s shown me a lot about nutrition (it’s almost creepy the amount of information he has in that head regarding all these topics).

The only “downside”: needing to buy new clothes because some of what I own is starting to get a bit too roomy (jeans especially… I’ve gone from a size 15 to 10 already). POOR ME.

Another couple of points on James and 5 Rings Fitness:

  1. He never, EVER, sets you up for failure; he’ll work with you no matter what you’re starting point is — just listen, follow through and you’ll certainly see results.
  2. Pain is bad — if it hurts to do it, stop and do something else. This is different from what you see on TV, kids. More “work smarter, not harder”. Mind, you’ll sweat, but you’ll love doing it.
  3. One of my ultimate goals, and one that James has for you as well, is to strengthen the body’s “core”, not just build muscle tone everywhere hapazardly. And let me tell you, he’s got a great method that combines fun strength and cardio workouts combined with amazing body stretches that’ll get you loosey-goosey from head to toe.

Believe me, I could go on and on… and I will, but I’ll save more for another day. If you’re at ALL curious about 5 Rings Fitness, feel free to ask me questions or contact 5RF directly. A great way to get started would be to sign up for a Basic Membership, and that’s just $50 a month. There are classes in the morning, and some evenings/weekends as well (schedule; the Saturday morning class is an excellent starter).

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