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So my dining companion and I were looking to get our grub on last Sunday night: It was about 10:30PM, but we figured, “Hey, this is a big city, this isn’t a problem!” Oh ho ho! While not a huge hurdle, we did run into some frustrations that led to the idea for doing this little series and future investigative work.

That night, we stopped in at a favorite of mine, Nick and Eddie, only to find that even their bar menu wraps at 9PM on Sunday evenings. Damn! We stuck our head in over at Joe’s Garage, only to get a similar story. Thankfully, my compatriot in hunger mentioned Chiang Mai Thai’s late-night happy hour so I gave them a call and confirmed that they were still serving food before we hustled down there, stomachs ready to be stuffed.

While our actual entree ended up coming to the table first, we waited a few more moments for the appetizers to come to the table before digging in.

We started things off with an order of the Fresh Springrolls with curried beef (comes with two per order, $5) as well as what turned out to be a ton of their Burning Wings of Fire (big plate of 12 tasty wings, $9). Certainly, both were devoured quickly. *Note that app prices do not reflect the great happy hour that runs 10PM to 12AM Sunday through Thursday.

Considering that we ordered two big appetizers, we decided to just split an entree: Garlic Pepper Stir Fry (with chicken, $13), served over white rice. Very, very peppery and really hit the spot for my craving of spicy food. The chicken was moist and tender, the veggies seemed pretty fresh and not overcooked (I hate limp broccoli).

To drink, I went for the “Urban Monk” (Stoli Blueberi Vodka with lime, orange and mango juice, $7.75). While tasty, think I’ll just stick to the wine and beer lists next time… the flavored vodka made for an interesting mix that was actually pretty good, but I’m not really into paying 8 bucks for a cocktail (I live close to the 19 Bar, home of cheap and strong drinks).

All in all, I was a very happy girl when we left: Full of delicious, fairly-priced food. And since we loaded up on apps first, I had leftover stir-fry for lunch the next day. This will definitely be on my list of places to hit up if I’m looking for a bit of spice late at night. I attempted to take pictures with my little cam phone, but no dice: it’s pretty dark in there at night.

Quick Facts
Located in Calhoun Square
3001 Hennepin Ave #109E
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 827-1606

Business Hours: Everyday 11:00 AM -1:00 AM
Full menu until 11:00 PM

Happy hours:
Sunday-Friday 4:00-6:00 &
Sunday-Thursday from 10:00 PM-Midnight

Next time: Rinata

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